We’re confident that we understand the local Dorset property market better than anyone else.

Our cutting edge is based on the local knowledge of our staff combined with our ability to apply technology in new ways to the property market, building research tools both for our clients and staff.

Property Research tool Bournemouth estate agentsUsing our custom-built YOUeye Tool, we can better judge demand & supply for property in an area, track local valuation trends and pinpoint the right comparable transactions which are so critical to achieving the best price for your property. When marketing properties to potential buyers, it’s crucial to be aware of an area’s special character and the local nuances which can create differences in the sale values of two comparable properties only a short distance apart. So, we pioneered the idea of defined ‘villages’ within an area, allowing future tenants to really explore all that’s good about the area surrounding your property. The result of our work means our Bournemouth estate agents can sell your property in Bournemouth better than other estate agents.

Source: Bournemouth Estate Agents – Property Market Knowledge